Autogam, what is it ?

An algorithmic Midi music generator !

Musical composition is a mental creation, the instrument is an intermediary... and the musical theory chosen, one representation method among others. AutoGam allows the composition of music without knowledge of musical theory and without the need to be able to play an instrument.

Rather than writing you a long introduction I suggest that you simply try it; do not hesitate, this is completely free software.

Screen example:

Animated example 1

Animated example 2

Animated example 3

Animated example 4


AutoGam is freeware. The greatest satisfaction for a freeware author comes from others using the software. The goal of this site is to provide some explanation of what this program does. I will also develop it in response to your comments.

So, this site has two objectives:

Autogam works on Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000

For who ?

How does it work?

Midi music is created from a set of numbers: duration, pitch, velocity, various effects, voices, selection of the bank ... and all these numbers are between 0 and 127.

Software like Cubase or Cakewalk receives a series of numbers from a Midi file or from a Synth and displays and plays them as music.

AutoGam also works with numbers. But you do not have to define each pitch, each instrument, each effect. In a graphic view you arrange some connected objects that possess each specific property.

The objects are linked in a number of different ways and algos compose the title you want to compose. Composition is 'on-the-fly', each modification takes effect immediately , you can improvise and construct your composition during the execution of your WORK.


Title File: .gam Contains all the algos
Algo Window Contains all the objects
Objects Icon Corresponds to a particular algorithmic behavior




If you are still interested, don't wait any longer ...

Get Autogam.exe

Download Autogam
1400 Ko

If you do not have Visual Basic 6 Dll, get it

Download Vbrun60
1000 Ko



Execute Autogam.exe and follow the instructions.

If problems appear, install also Vbrun60.exe .

Send me a mail : (sorry, no link, too many Spam !!!)



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December 1999
  • Initial version
October 2000
  • Installation on NT 4.0
  • Some Bug fixes
January 2001
  • Recording of Midi file
  • API for your development : games, virtual reality ...
????? 2004
  • Quelques ameliorations prevues suivant les remarques de Rémi Coquet
  • ... a venir d'ici peu ...


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